Governing Documents

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DocumentBayCrossing BylawsCommunity Bylaws for the Board of Directors
DocumentBayCrossing DeclarationsCommunity Declarations
DocumentNC GuidelinesNC State Law
DocumentArchitectural GuidelinesCommunity Guidelines
DocumentSchedule AApplication For Preliminary Design Approval
DocumentSchedule BApplication For Final Design Approval
DocumentSchedule B1Construction Escrow Information Sheet
DocumentSchedule CApplication For Landscape Plans and Specific Approval
DocumentSchedule DDock & Pier Request Review
DocumentSchedule ERequest For Final Inspection/Deposit Refund
DocumentSchedule FGeneral Erosion Control Notes
DocumentSchedule GRecommended Plant List
DocumentSchedule HShoreline Stabilization Request for Review
DocumentSchedule IMaterials Specifications For Docks, Boats, Piers, Boatslips And Gazebos
DocumentSchedule JShoreline Improvements
DocumentSchedule KMailbox
DocumentARC Submittal ProcedureARC Design Guidelines
DocumentMotorbike RegulationMotorbike Regulations