Timeline for Payment of HOA Dues and Septic Fees(if applies):

1. Per the BayCrossing Declaration of Covenants p. 15, all dues and septic fees are due     

    no later than January 31st of each year (written notice to be received by January 4th)


2. As of February 1st, a 5% late fee is added to your dues assessment.


3. April 1st = 60 Days Late


4. April 15th = 15 Day Notice Sent by HOA/Attorney that a lien will be filed against

    property ‐‐ if paid in full plus late fee then no attorney’s fees charged.


5. May 1st = 90 Days Late, Lien Filed and in order to clear lien, the dues and septic fees,  

    if they apply, plus late fees plus attorney fees must be paid in full.


6. July 1st = 150 days Late, if no action from property owner, then court action will be

     initiated to collect the debt.


Please contact Adam Ames at the William Douglas office if you do not receive your invoice by January 4th, as they manage all billing for the HOA.



Contact for Payment:
William Douglas Property Management

Adam Ames
Address:  132 Joe Knox Avenue, Suite 100-H
Telephone:  704-230-3131

Fax:  704-230-3132